Open House Ideas For Teachers: Do These Things For A Stress-Free Night!

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When I first started my career, nobody prepared me or gave me any ideas for open house for teachers.  They threw me to the wolves, and I’m not even kidding!  “Not Prepared For Back to School Open House” – well – that is the understatement of the year!  

This led me to have some major anxiety everytime back to school night would roll around.  Can you relate??

So I worked extrememy hard to figure out what I could do to take the stress and pressure of back to school off of ME and in this post, I am going to share some open house ideas for teachers that will help you have a stress free night! 

Get Organized For Back To School Night! 

My very first tip for a successful back-to-school open house is to get organized!  This will ensure things run smoothly, your families get the impression that you know what you are doing (even if you don’t,) & you will be way less stressed.  Here are my best tips:

  1. Keep track of who visits so you can document itDownload this free sign-in sheet for your back-to-school open house which can also allow you to get an idea of their first-day transportation plans. (This is an entirely different level of stress, but we will talk about that later!) 
  2. Create Stations for families to visit.  There is nothing worse than having people just standing around staring at you waiting for direction on what to do.  Create stations for families to visit and be sure to label them with these free station signs.  This brings us to our next step.
  3. Give each family a checklist to ensure they visit each station.  Click here to download your back to school open house checklist for an stress free open house! This simple little open house checklist will ensure they visit every single station and, more importantly, ensure that they are not focusing all on YOU! 
 back to school open house checklist

Click Here to Download The Free Open House Checklist

open house sign in sheet

Click Here to Download The Free Open House SIgn In Sheet

Take the Open House Spotlight Off of YOU!

The Open House Checklist for teachers will do the trick of making sure parents aren’t just standing there looking at you & that you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over.  But the real gem is when you let them do the scavenger hunt.  This will, in a sense, allow your families to get to know the classroom and school without you having to show them the way!  It’s super fun too!  Click here to download the scavenger hunt. 

open house scavenger hunt

Click Here To Download The Open House Scavenger Hunt

Open House Ideas for Supplies!

Flashback to my first few years of teaching when I had to stay 3 hours later just to figure out what to do with all the supplies.  Learn from my mistakes!  Here’s what you do: 

  1. Figure out what you want the students to KEEP in their desks.  Ask the parents to label these things. Provide markers if you need to and have them do it there.  These things will stay at the students’ desks. 
  2. For all your community supplies, set up spaces in your classroom and label them. Ask parents to place these supplies in their designated spaces. 

In short, you are having the parents and families do the dirty work for you!  It is way easier to have them help than to spend hours doing it yourself, just trust  me!  Click here to download the free open house supply labels. 

open house supply bin labels

Click Here to Download The Open House Supply SIgns

Ask for Help

Repeat after me, “I do not have to do everything on my own!”  – Say it twice. Maybe even three times!  Look, the reality of it is, during your back to school open house might be one of the only times you get to see these families face to face.  Many of them WANT to help, but they don’t know how.  Here’s some good advice you can add to your open house ideas for teachers: 

  1. Provide a volunteer sign up sheet during your open house. This will let you know who is interested. Click here to download the open house sign up sheet. 
  2. Provide a wishlist – some familie don’t have extra time, but they may be able to contribute supplies (and vice versa) – so print off some photos of supplies you might need for your classroom, tape them to your door, and ask them to tak eone if they would like to pick something to donate. (They an send it in later) 
  3. You can also provide them a sheet with a link to your Amazon wishlist as another option.

Leave Them With a Good Impression

Who doesn’t love a good parting gift?  Your families will love getting a little thank you gift at your open house! Grab some ziplock bags, some goldfish crackers, and these free labels to create a super inexpensive and easy back to school open house gift idea! 

open house thank you gift

Click Here to Download Your Thank You Labels

In summary, back-to-school open house nights don’t have to be a headache! With a bit of organization & some creative thinking, you can turn stress into success. From setting up stations to involving parents, these ideas aim to make everyone’s experience smoother. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help and leave a lasting impression with a simple, thoughtful gift. With these open house ideas for teachers, you are going to have a stress free night!! 



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